Download MP4 Videos Easily With Tubidy

Tubidy – Wanna know how to download MP4 videos easily with Tubidy? Nowadays, there are many streaming platforms that allow users to listen to music for free, one of them is Tubidy. Launched in 2012, Tubidy has been popular in several countries. Not only does it allow users to stream their favorite music, but Tubidy also makes it possible for them to download the music video.

You can find nearly all songs from various genres on this platform, from old songs to the newest ones. Here are the steps of mobile video music downloads on Tubidy.

How to Download Music Video on Tubidy

You can visit Tubidy’s official website using your browser or use the app that you can download on Play Store or App Store. After that, type the music video that you want to download on the search column provided. Tubidy will display all the results, then click one. You will see the options of Download, Download Now, and Play.

Click Download, choose the resolution you want, such as 720p, then the download process will begin. Wait until the download process is complete, and your downloaded music video will be stored in your device. That’s how you download MP4 videos easily with Tubidy.

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Benefits of Using Tubidy

Tubidy provides easy and quick access to a wide range of music content across the globe. Besides that, this streaming platform also brings many benefits for its users, here they are.

  • A Wide Range of Music

As it’s said before, Tubidy provides nearly all music from a variety of genres, from pop, K-pop, jazz, R&B, rock and roll, and many others. You can access and listen to all this music for free without being disturbed by ads aka ads-free. Also, there is no need for you to create an account first to be able to use Tubidy.

  • High Download Speeds

Besides having a broad variety of music, Tubidy’s download speed is pretty fast as well. The download speed is adjusted to the bandwidth capacity that you use on your internet network. So, the bigger the bandwidth, the higher the download speed. You only need minutes to download your favourite music video. Then, it will be stored in your device.

  • Easy to Find Songs

Tubidy is user-friendly, even for those who are not familiar with a music streaming platform. To find songs that you want to listen to, all you have to do is just typing the title in the search column. Once you have found the song, click Play. Tubidy also makes it easier for users to find newest songs with a New Song menu. You can use this menu to explore new songs and popular top songs.

  • Support Various File Formats
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The next benefit of using Tubidy is that the streaming platform supports a wide range of file formats. This means that when you download music or videos, you can choose a file format as you wish, such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, 3GPREG, and many more. Besides file formats, Tubidy also supports various resolutions, from 144p to 1080p for downloading videos.

  • Compatible with Various Devices

Tubidy is a streaming platform that is compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets. It also is compatible with various operating systems, such as Android and iOS. You can use the app on any device you have without any troubles.

  • Support Many Languages

Unlike most platforms that are only available in English, Tubidy supports many various languages. It allows users from all over the world to access the platform. The languages available include English, Indonesia, Italy, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabian, Spain, German, and many more. So, you don’t have to be worried about a language barrier.

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You can adjust the available language options automatically or replace it with another language that you can understand more easily.

  • High Audio Quality

Tubidy is a streaming platform that allows users to listen to songs online, as well as download their favourite songs with optimal audio quality. Among the available quality options, users can choose the ideal quality according to their needs. Tubidy pays attention to users’ needs and in terms of audio quality, providing a download feature with various quality options, from the lowest to the highest.

Update with Newest Music Videos

The streaming platform becomes a trusted source to find newest music videos from various genres and artists. On its website and app, users can find and access the latest music videos that the platform updates on a regular basis. With this, Tubidy makes sure that users are always updated with the latest music trends. Users can access various high-quality music videos without having to download it first.

Those are the benefits of using Tubidy and how to download MP4 videos easily with Tubidy. Have you ever used this platform before? What do you think about this popular streaming platform?

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