How To Repair Corrupted MP3 Files: A Step-By-Step Guide

Tubidy – How to repair corrupted MP3 files: a step-by-step guide – Listening to music is not merely for entertainment. Some people even rely on music as relaxation media. Thanks to the rapid development of technology in this digital era, now we can listen to our favourite songs anytime and anywhere. We can listen to it in the car, office, and other places.

We even just need a few taps on our smartphones to listen to music. And with the digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Tubidy, we can always be up to date with the latest songs from musicians all around the world. Amidst the development of technology, MP3 remains a popular audio format even though there are already other alternatives, such as FLAC.

Unfortunately, MP3 files have some drawbacks, one of them is corrupted files. Corrupted MP3 files mean you cannot play the audio tracks. The causes of this problem vary, including expired music players or too many junk files. But don’t worry, there are some ways that you can try to fix this issue, which are different from utilizing MP3s for DJing: tips and tricks for digital DJs.

Use Other Music Players

As it is said before, one of the reasons why you cannot play MP3 files is because the media player app you use is already expired. An expired or old version of music players may not be able to detect and fail to reload new files. So, the solution is surely updating the app to the latest version. But if you still fail to play the MP3 audio tracks even after updating the music player, you are suggested to install and use other music player apps.

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There are many music players that provide services for free. Install one that is compatible with your device.

Clean Cache Files

Another possible cause of why MP3 files fail to play is because there are too many cache files accumulating in your device. As the result, the performance of your device is no longer optimum. The most effective solution for this case is cleaning the cache files. You can install cleaner apps, such as Clean Master and CCleaner. This way, there won’t be notifications saying No Media Found anymore.

You can also clean cache files manually. First, go to Settings > Apps. Find the music player app that you usually use, then tap Clear Cache. You are suggested to clean the cache files of all apps on a regular basis. So, your device performance remains optimum.

Reboot Your Device

The next how to repair corrupted MP3 files: a step-by-step guide is to reboot your device. First, you need to turn your smartphone off for a while. Remove the SIM card, micro-SD card, and others. Leave your device in this state for 30 minutes before installing those cards back and turning on your smartphone again.

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This aims to let no energy enter your device. After that, check if you can play the MP3 tracks or not.

Disable the Filter Menu

If you fail to play MP3 tracks on your device, try to disable the filter menu as an effort to fix the issue. First, go to File Manager and tap the Music folder. Then, tap the 3 line/dot icon on the right side of the screen in the top corner. Select the Scan For Songs option. If the song filter feature is active, disable it by sliding the toggle. After that, check if you can already play the MP3 files.

Don’t Excessively Set the Equalizer

Most music players come with a feature to set the equalizer, which functions to alter the tones, making the tracks more comfortable to listen to. But some people use this feature to raise the tones. Excessively using the equalizer by raising all the options can make the MP3 files unstable to play. You can notice especially when your device has a small RAM and use it for multitasking.

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A Glimpse of MP3

MP3 is an audio format that stands for MPEG Audio Layer 3. MPEG itself stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. In general, this term refers to a sound coding file format that has good compression, leading to a smaller file size. The developer of this file format was a German named Karlheinz Brandenburg.

Initially, MP3 was widely known as a file format for music. But now, it has developed with many other functions, such as saving audiobook files that can be downloaded for free. Due to its never-ending popularity and various functions, MP3 is compatible with most devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and even cars’ sound systems.

To open and enjoy MP3 files, you can use software or apps, for example, Winamp, iTunes, Windows Player, and VLC.

That’s how to repair corrupted MP3 files: a step-by-step guide that you can try, as well as a bit information about MP3 itself.

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