The Art Of Archiving: Preserving Your Music Collection In MP3

Tubidy – The Art of Archiving: Preserving Your Music Collection in MP3 – Currently, it seems that many people prefer listening to their favorite songs by streaming. There are indeed many reasons for this habit. Yes, there are many streaming services all around and your favorite music must be there. To enjoy the music is also very easy. Just go to the streaming app, type the keyword, and you can find them to listen to.

But no matter how streaming is a popular way to enjoy music now, do you know that listening to MP3 is still a good choice? Well, it is just like what you did around 10 or 20 years ago by downloading MP3 files from the internet, saving them to your device, and enjoying them.

Yes, this activity is actually never old and out of date. Even collecting your music in MP3 is a way to make them preserve as well as a part of the art of archiving. More importantly, just make sure that you go to the right website to find the music to download. Therefore, you can get and collect high-quality MP3 files. For downloading and saving songs, Tubidy seems the best web you can visit.

What is Tubidy?

The name Tubidy should not be too strange for all of us. But in case you don’t know what it is, Tubidy is a website or platform that provides high-quality content starting from music, films, animations, series, sports, education videos, and many more. Choose your favorite video or content by typing the keywords on the available bar. Then, they will simply appear.

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Different from other platforms for video content, Tubidy doesn’t only enable you to stream them. More than that, it also has a feature to download the content in various formats. One of those formats is MP3. You can just follow the instructions given after the appearance of the video. Then, download the video in any format you like only in a few seconds.

Aside from having a feature to choose the file format, Tubidy also enables you to choose the quality. It is whether you prefer the high-quality one or you just want to save more data. Don’t worry, if you choose to download the content in the MP3 format, you can save more data without reducing the quality.

Why Downloading Music in MP3

MP3 is probably one of the oldest and most famous file formats for audio. Even before the internet, computers, and other similar gadgets are as popular as now, your parents may prefer saving their favorite songs in MP3. The reason seems clear, it is because as the art of archiving, preserving your music collection in MP3 is easier, and simpler, without taking up too much space.

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Music in MP3 files is also a choice if you want to play it without watching the video. Sometimes, you may focus on other things than the music such as doing your homework, cleaning the house, or even taking care of children. In those situations, of course, it seems more interesting to listen to the music without being distracted by the video.

Even when you only have a little space on your disk, it can load so many MP3 files at once. The audio quality is even still really good and clear. If you want to know more about how MP3 can be that way, make sure to read about it more on Understanding MP3: The Basics of Digital Audio Encoding.

Benefits of Downloading MP3 via Tubidy

Okay, you have learned about what Tubidy is, how it provides favorite content and enables you to download them in MP3, and why it is good to collect songs in MP3 files. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of downloading MP3 via Tubidy.

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As one of the most popular and favorite platforms for streaming and downloading, Tubidy must bring you some benefits if you use it frequently. Particularly for downloading MP3 files, what are the benefits?

First of all, it is very easy to do. You even don’t need to download a special app to enjoy this platform. Just go to and open it. There have been some music suggestions on the opening page. If none of them are what you want to download, go to the search bar to type what you are looking for.

Second, high-quality videos and content. Most of the collections in Tubidy are in the form of videos. All of them are high quality with high definition. Of course, downloading them without changing the quality means you can collect high-quality music on your device.

Third, it enables you to collect and preserve your favorite songs easily. Well, for you who love saving and collecting songs more than streaming, Tubidy is the right choice for you. Download your favorite songs in the form of MP3 as much as possible and keep them on your smartphone and other devices. Listen to and enjoy them anytime and anywhere. This is really the art of achieving and preserving your music collection in MP3.

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