Tubidy for Music and Video Files Free Download: Is It Safe?

For people who like music, having an extensive music library is something that is not so easily done. But with Tubidy, people can find, listen, download, and even share music or video files for free. You can access its huge collection of music and video files and build your music library.

But then, comes the question of whether this application is safe to use. There are multiple factors involved in answering that question. Because it will depend on the type of content you access and download, what you use it for, and your online safety habit.

Such as updated browsers, and real-time antivirus software. Steps that protect yourself. The contents of this application are largely user-generated. As such, the term safety could be varied.

Measures of Safety

There will always be a potential risk when you connected to any website, including Tubidy. However, you can take some safety measures to improve your safety while using this application.

1. Being Selective

Being selective is very important, especially if the files came from unverified sources. The URL you copied from another platform could be potentially harmful. Furthermore, use well-known formats, such as MP3 (audio files) and MP4 (video files). This will lessen your risks.

2. Protective Software

Your laptop or computer or any kind of device should have reliable antivirus software as well. That will be your additional layer of protection. Even if the downloaded file has a virus, that antivirus can be your protection against harmful content.

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3. Using VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) can also protect your safety. It creates a secure and encrypted connection between the internet and your device. It also protects your data from any interception and misuse.

Update on Tubidy’s Safety

The nature of this application is user-upload content. That means there is a potential for hazardous content. However, employing the safety measures mentioned above will enhance your safety while using this application.

Do note that this application is a search engine for finding songs and music videos. You can stream or download music without any hassle. Additionally, their collection is extensive and you can find almost any kind of music there is.

However, sometimes users upload some contents that could be hazardous without knowing it. Therefore, before downloading any content, do check the source. If you think the source is kind of unreliable, then do not download that content.

In conclusion, is Tubidy safe? Yes, but still protect yourself with safety measures. Just like with other websites or applications, you should employ carefulness.

Prove Tubidy as a Safe Platform

There are some discussions regarding a few concerns that are becoming proof of how this platform is a safe platform for you to use.

1. Solid Relationship with Film Media Houses

Tubidy has a solid relationship with many content creators from film media houses. That is why they were offered copyrights from HBO and a few other channels.

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2. Children-Safe Contents

As a video-sharing website and application, this application restricts any videos that are not suitable for children. They forbid any content with cyberbullying or other negative content that may be unsafe and not suitable for children.

This application also has a category such as education. That contains thousands of tutorial videos that will be useful for the children’s study purposes. It also allows parents to filter the videos that they deemed unsafe for their children.

3. Filter and Restrict Negative Videos

This application employs a restriction for any negative content. Such as violence, sex, and nudity. Furthermore, they provide a filter so the user can filter those negative contents. Therefore, even children can download cartoons or educational videos safely.

Parents can apply this filter as well so that their children will not be exposed to negative content. That way, children can enjoy the variation of content without worries. There are many useful and tutorial videos in this application, you can take advantage of them all for free.

4. Safety Precautions by Tubidy

This application applied a clean and safe system for people to access and download the extensive number of files they have. That way, their files will have no viruses, malware or even spamming while you download music and videos. Your device will be safe.

Safely Download from Tubidy

Now that you know that this application is safe, you can freely access and download any song and music videos you like. Follow the steps in order so you can download your songs or music video safely and freely:

  • Go to the Tubidy application or website. Use the safe browser such as Google, Firefox, and the like for safety.
  • You will find a search bar on the homepage. Type the title of the song or music video you want and then click the “Search” button (or a magnifying glass icon).
  • Alternatively, you can also paste a URL link you copied from another site (YouTube or similar music platform).
  • The system will process the search and then you will be presented with a list of songs or music videos. Usually, all the songs have the same title or any covers of that song. Choose the one you want by tapping the title.
  • Next, choose the options you want. Either just listen to the song by clicking the “Play” button. Alternatively, click the “Download” button if you want to download.
  • If you want to download, you will be directed to another page to choose the format of the file. You can choose MP3 format for audio files or MP4 format for video files.
  • Afterward, you will be given the option of choosing the file size. For MP3 file sizes are 64kbps up to 320kbps. While MP4 file sizes are 144p up to 1080p.
  • After you choose the file size you need, click the “Download” button. The process will be done immediately.
  • The process will take around a few minutes and then you can check your storage for the download.
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For safety reasons, while choosing the right file to download, please be aware of the type of format of that file. Aside from the same title, there are a few other options of format available as well. Choose the usual format to be safe.

With the extensive collection available, Tubidy can give you a wide variety of songs and music videos. By following the right step and taking the safety measures on your device, downloading this application will be safe.

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